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What We Do

Country Home


AVS Builders LLC excels in crafting homes that seamlessly blend traditional country style and contemporary design, ensuring unparalleled quality and longevity. For those enchanted by the charm of traditional country-style homes, AVS Builders combines classic architectural elements with modern construction techniques. Meticulous attention to detail and the use of durable, authentic materials result in residences that exude timeless warmth. On the contemporary front, AVS Builders embraces cutting-edge design concepts, creating homes with sleek lines, open spaces, and sustainable features. The commitment to quality is unwavering, with every home meticulously constructed to withstand the test of time. AVS Builders takes pride in delivering not just houses but enduring investments in comfort and style, where traditional and contemporary elements harmoniously coexist, providing homeowners with residences that stand as a testament to craftsmanship and innovation.

Magnolia Log Cabin


AVS Builders LLC stands as a master in the art of constructing log homes, showcasing a unique expertise in this traditional and charming architectural style. With a deep appreciation for the rustic allure of log cabins, our team combines time-honored craftsmanship with modern construction techniques to deliver log homes of exceptional quality. From the careful selection of premium logs to the precise assembly, AVS Builders ensures that each log home is a testament to durability, authenticity, and aesthetic appeal. The meticulous attention to detail in crafting log cabins creates residences that not only embody the natural beauty of wood but also stand as enduring structures that withstand the test of time. Whether nestled in the serene countryside or serving as a cozy retreat, AVS Builders takes pride in bringing the timeless charm of log homes to life, offering clients a unique and enduring living experience.

Log Repair


AVS Builders LLC goes beyond the initial construction phase to provide specialized care and maintenance services for log homes, showcasing a commitment to preserving the longevity and beauty of these unique structures. Our expertise extends to log home maintenance, ensuring that each residence continues to exude its rustic charm for years to come. We understand the specific needs of log homes, from addressing weathering effects to preventing insect infestations. AVS Builders employs a team of skilled professionals who specialize in log home care, offering services such as sealing, staining, and regular inspections to identify and address any potential issues. With a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of log construction, AVS Builders is dedicated to ensuring that log homes remain not only aesthetically pleasing but also structurally sound, providing homeowners with the assurance that their investment is well-preserved and cared for over time.



AVS Builders LLC brings a transformative touch to home remodels, offering a comprehensive and tailored approach to meet the unique needs and visions of our clients. Our skilled team of professionals is well-versed in the art of remodeling, whether it involves a single room upgrade or a complete home renovation. AVS Builders begins each remodel project with a thorough consultation, collaborating closely with clients to understand their desires and goals. From there, our design experts create personalized plans that blend functionality, aesthetics, and innovation. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship, AVS Builders executes remodels with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that the final result not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our clients. Whether it's updating kitchens and bathrooms, expanding living spaces, or revamping the entire home, AVS Builders transforms spaces into personalized havens that reflect the evolving needs and styles of homeowners.

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